News Updates Odisha Environment Congress 2015 22nd , 24th December 2015

Odisha Environment Congress

Odisha Environment Congress (OEC), first launched in the year 2010 by HDF-cDAR, Centre for Environment and Development (CED), Thiruventhapuram and Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH) has become an annual scientific event in Odisha.

OEC provides unique opportunities to academicians, researchers, scientists, planners & policy formulators, students and practitioners for learning,interaction and being introduced to the latest technologies and trends in specific theme areas focusing on environment. It provides opportunity for presentation and publication on Odisha specific research based articles in the chosen theme related to environment besides many other activities like regional workshops, competitions on the theme among school and college students, exhibitions, young scientists award etc. Focal themes of previous years were “Water and Environment” in 2010, “Forest and Environment” in 2011, “Energy and Environment” in 2012, “Agriculture and Environment” in 2013 and “Climate Change and Environment” in 2014. The Forest and Environment Department of Govt of Odisha has been a collaborator of this scientific event regularly along with other departments of the Govt.

Some key recommendations that emanated from this Congress are as follows

1. Congress feels to develop a strong policy platform in the state to address climate change mitigation and monitoring and evaluation of projects/actionable programmes in the state taking all stakeholders, such as – communities, civil societies, academic institutions, research organisations, implementing departments, international organisations and policy makers).

2. Congress suggests in the state to develop a financing pathway for the programmes/activities for the good practice and future scaling up.

3. There is need to develop a strong policy/regulatory mechanism for the climate governance.

4. Suggestion should be rendered to the government to develop a guideline to invite proposal for actionable research/innovation programmes relating to climate change, food security and poverty reduction; and onward communicated to national and international funding agencies for implementation of programmes.

5. Sufficient resource support need to be provided by the government for community based disaster preparedness and responses.

6. The Congress unanimously recommends developing of a separate Children Environment Congress to give enough space for the innovations lies with the school children and sufficient technical and knowledge inputs for the implementation of eco-club activities in their respective schools.

7. Further, Congress stressed to develop similar mechanism to widespread goals and vision of Environment Congress at district levels for its wider impact.

8. It is high time to revisit the Odisha State Climate Change Action Plan and develop a realistic and appropriate plan with policy and strong regulatory mechanisms, with adequate financial support for its future implementation.


The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Rules 2015.

ODISHA ENVIRONMENT CONGRESS 2015 - Theme Environment Health & Nutrition FOR ODISHA.  23rd & 24th December 2015