News Updates Odisha Environment Congress 2015 22nd , 24th December 2015

Skill Odisha Initiatives

Skill Odisha Initiative(SOI) is a unique platform created by HDF-cDAR to promote skill development among the youth of the state in different trades in partnership with educational institutions, Training Agencies, NGOs etc. SOI gives special focus on enhancement of employability among young people as well as skilling them for better livelihood by utilising their local available resources. The following table shows the achievements in skill development programme

Training of Sc & St beneficiaries under PLTP/ STP with partnership of OSFDC
Skill Training Programme with partnership of ILF&S

The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Rules 2015.

ODISHA ENVIRONMENT CONGRESS 2015 - Theme Environment Health & Nutrition FOR ODISHA.  23rd & 24th December 2015