News Updates Odisha Environment Congress 2015 22nd , 24th December 2015

About HDF cDAR

Development Action and Research (HDF-cDAR) is a not-for-profit organisation striving to excel in its aspiration of being a think and action tank with a humanitarian spirit. It originates from Human Development Foundation Trust founded by a group of young professionals, registered in 2007 with a view to addressing the problems relating to socio-economic development of the state and the country as a whole. Originally the HDF Trust was operating under two wings, such as Academic Programme Wing with a Management of School (SoM) and Centre for Development Action and Research (cDAR) having different activities such as development actions, research, advocacy, training and capacity building in the areas of health, education, livelihood and governance respectively. Subsequently the cDAR wing of HDF got itself registered as separate Trust in the year 2013 December.

HDF-cDAR continues its effort to bring together academicians, development thinkers and practitioners to facilitate participatory development initiatives through promotion of a critical mass, encouragement of shared leadership and fostering responsive governance system. It undertakes programmatic intervention focusing on education, health, livelihood and governance. Its activities are supplemented by research, evidence based advocacy and action programmes to set up model institutions and demonstration projects involving traditional and emerging knowledge and technologies.

The prospects of development of the eastern region with pivotal stress on Odisha gains significance from the fact that the area is endowed with vast natural resources in the form of minerals, agricultural land, water, lakes and coastal beds. But it is an irony that the region and Odisha in particular remains underdeveloped both economically and socially despite immense resources. Odisha needs critical mass to work as Think Tanks at different level to question system that governs various sectors/aspects of the life of the people and find solutions to the problems of backwardness and under-development. There is also need for establishing demonstrative development models in the areas which determine the human development indicators, with scalability in mind. In this perspective HDF-cDAR has been working and the year 2014-15 has been quite meaningful in the way of its journey to attain its mission and vision.


HDF-cDAR perceives development as an inclusive process requiring convergence at every level of activity. We believe that mere economic growth is not enough for true measurement of development. Human development and improvement in quality of life are equally important. Competent human resource and adaptability at all levels are the keys to sustainable development. Again,HDF- cDAR believes that today's development challenge lies in the judicious implementation of various policies and programmes. However, cDAR also recognizes the fact that this challenge is not the responsibility of the Govt. alone. So, cDAR seeks partners who are willing to assist the Govt. & the service-providers by adopting an appropriate and proactive strategy in order to make things happen for the larger benefit of the general public.


Promoting critical mass and building Think Tanks at different levels and sectors.

Creating scalable models in development

Supporting communities to set goals, plan and implement programmes/schemes

Supporting Government to respond to the community plans and fix quality standards and norms

Motivating communities to make best use of the services

Facilitating joint Community-Government initiatives

Influencing the policies to be more effective and people's centric

Promoting integrated programme management by the community

Fostering partnerships and networks to fasten development process

Evidence-based advocacy through research and studies


The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Rules 2015.

ODISHA ENVIRONMENT CONGRESS 2015 - Theme Environment Health & Nutrition FOR ODISHA.  23rd & 24th December 2015