News Updates Odisha Environment Congress 2015 22nd , 24th December 2015

Our Belief

In spite of planned economic growth in the country for more than half a century, eastern and north eastern states have remained economically backward. One of the key reasons for such a condition is lack of good quality institutions and appropriate kind of human resources. Orissa is not an exception.

Orissas past, present and future mirror that of pre-independent India's in many ways. A linguistic community of over 40 million, Orissa with a glorious history, a land abundant with natural resources and a future full of promises is known at the moment only for its backwardness; a situation that must change with time for better. However, the areas, direction and pace of that change are matters of concern for all those thinking individuals who are from this land or interested in its well-being.

Orissas economic growth has not been matched by commensurate positive transformation in its social sector. While certain policies and programmes are showing results in some parts of the country, there is a need to improve their process of formulation and implementation. This requires quality human resources at adequate levels and appropriate leadership towards creation of an enabling environment that will support the policies, plans and methodologies for getting to a better future.

Towards this end, a new non-profit entity by the name, HDF-cDAR has been formed by a group of young professionals to provide a platform by bringing together like-minded development thinkers and actors. The Foundation envisages to create and pool value added human resources for the development of Orissa as well as for other underdeveloped regions in India.

This objective is being approached through a dedicated professional group providing knowledge based advocacy towards identifying local problems, proposing likely solutions and initiating far reaching and replicable actions in partnership with both the public and private sectors. Such actions primarily involve establishing model initiatives to sensitise and train the youth in skill and attitude development in the areas of Management, Development, Technology and Social Sciences.

The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Rules 2015.

ODISHA ENVIRONMENT CONGRESS 2015 - Theme Environment Health & Nutrition FOR ODISHA.  23rd & 24th December 2015