News Updates Odisha Environment Congress 2015 22nd , 24th December 2015


To facilitate a participatory movement to strengthen development initiative by creation of critical mass, establishing models of development and encouragement of shared leadership.



To build empowered and proactive community enriched by high quality human resources to transform the society with inclusive development.



HDF- cDAR conforms to the r e q u i r eme n t s o f p r o g r amme participants, sponsors, users of services and society at large by channelizing its efforts in creating human resources through teaching and training, and developing “Think Tanks” through research, studies, model initiatives and evidence-based advocacy. It is committed to continual improvement of services, processes a n d r e s o u r c e s f o r e f f e c t i v e conformance to the requirements of all stakeholders.

The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Rules 2015.

ODISHA ENVIRONMENT CONGRESS 2015 - Theme Environment Health & Nutrition FOR ODISHA.  23rd & 24th December 2015