About HDF cDAR

HDF-cDAR is a not-for-profit organization, striving to excel as think and action tank with human spirit. It owes its origin to an undying urge to ameliorate political, economic and social poverty.

HDF-cDAR has persevered to bring together academicians, development thinkers and practitioners in-order to forge participatory development. Through initiatives such as promotion of critical mass, encouragement of shared leadership and fostering responsive governance system, HDF cDAR has successfully steered people’s growing aspiration to own governance. HDF cDAR has undertaken programmatic interventions with overarching focus on education, health, livelihood and governance. Its activities are supplemented by research, evidence based advocacy and action programmes to set up model institutions and demonstration projects involving traditional and emerging knowledge and technologies.


HDF-cDAR believes development to be an inherently inclusive process. Human development and quality of human life are intrinsic and important. Its relevance, though shaped by the contours of contemporary development, is complete, only when people of all segments participate.