gaon swathya samikhya prog

HDF-cDAR was engaged by NRHM as a Nodal Agency to implement Gaon Swathya Samikhya Programme which is known as Community Monitoring of health services under NRHM Odisha. Community-based Monitoring of health services is a key strategy of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to ensure that the services reach the poor, women and children. It encourages community led action in the field of health. It places people at the centre of the process of regularly assessing whether the health needs and rights of the community are being fulfilled.

objectives of gss

Provide regular and systematic information about community health needs, which will be used to guide the planning process appropriately. It will provide feedback according to the locally developed yardsticks, as well as on some key indicators.

The terminology of community monitoring has been changed to community action during the course of implementation of Phase-I of the project to involve all stakeholders and imbibing a shared perspective of fact finding rather than fault finding for improved planning and implementation of the further innovations, the programme has been renamed as Gaon Swasthya Samikshya to bring in further conducive environment for the service providers in the process. At the beginning 5 district, 82 Blocks and 1543 Gram Panchayats have been taken to carry out GSS Program in the state.

The Status of implementation of Gaon Swasthya Samikhya(GSS) in Odisha